Sixth Working Day

Sampoorna Data Updation Circular from DPI0_new2p
Once the data is approved by DPI it will be published in
Thanks for all who have worked hard to send the report to DPI on time

Sampoorna Data Entry – Complete the School Level Confirmation by 11am and AEO/DEO Verification by 1pm

All the Schools are hereby Directed to Confirm the data and submit 2 copies of the 6th Working Day Report to the concerned AEO/DEO and no data is needed at DDE at present

All AEO/DEO are to make sure all the schools under their jurisdiction is enlisted in sampoora login page and no new schools are enlisted. If so kindly inform the same to and

For School Data reset Call 9447742512 through concerned AEO/DEO clerk.

For IT Support Call 9447340822

As the Sampoorna is fully functional now, all the School HMs are hereby directed to make the data entry of all the students in their school by 07/06/2017 and confirm the data by 11am on 08/06/2017

Sixth Working Day Data Collection is the most important Data Collection done by the Department of Education, and it serves as the base data for almost all the planning and projects in the department. All the school headmasters are hereby directed to follow the instructions from DPI regularly and follow those instructions so that the data collections is made easy and fruitful.

This year the Sixth Working Day falls on 08/06/2017 and to make the data collection easier, all the Headmasters are hereby directed to update the student information in SAMPOORNA and each new admission should be entered in the website on the day itself.

Sixth Working Day 2017-18-Instructions

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